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We will come to you for parts and service and fill your tanks at your location

Co2 Re-fills / Hydrotesting

All cylinders Centennial Tap Beer Service ships are empty of any gas. However, if you are in Colorado give us a call to schedule your onsite CO2 refill.  We will fill all sizes of Co2 cylinders at your location while you wait. It only takes a few minutes. Blended gas and Nitrogen gas fills take a few minutes longer.

It is our preference to fill your cylinder as opposed to exchanging. Our reasons are primarily driven by the hydro-static test date of your cylinder and the condition of your cylinder. If the cylinder you have is brand new with a current hydro-static test date you don’t want to exchange that for a cylinder in a lesser condition and with an older test date if you can avoid it.

Centennial Tap Beer Service can fill with Co2, Nitrogen or a mix of 75% Nitrogen / 25% Co2 which we call blend gas. Any cylinder larger than a 10# cylinder would need a dip tube inserted to be filled with the blend gas. Blend gas is necessary to pour Guinness or any stout beer. It is also necessary in a draft beer installation that is over 20 feet from the keg to the faucet.

Our hours to have your Co2 tank filled are:
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Saturday - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Our pricing for refills is:

Co2 Re-Fills
20 oz $13.80
2.5# $14.32
5# $15.64
7# $16.68
10# $18.23
15# $20.82
20# $23.40
50# $38.93
75% Nitrogen + 25% Co2 Blended Gas Re-Fills
2.5# $17.43
5# $17.58
10# $26.94
15# $37.41
20# $47.85


Nitrogen Re-Fills
5# $19.50
10# $33.00
15# $46.50
20# $60.00



All Co2 tanks need to be hydro-tested every 5 years. This is performed by DOT qualified re-test stations which we are. The purpose of the hydro-test is to make sure the tank is still in good working condition. That there are no cracks in the neck, excessive pitting, rust and that they are pressure tested to verify they can be used safely for a compressed gas. If you exchange your Co2 tank you should look at the date of the tank you are receiving in exchange and confirm it is still in date and not ready to expire. Test dates will be stamped in the shoulder of the cylinder. If the cylinder is old, you need to find the most recent date. The marking is identified with the month and year it was tested and also the re-test station ID number.

Our price to test a cylinder is $24.00.