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CO2 Regulator Dual Gauge - TapRite

Brand: TapRite
Product Code: T742
Availability: In Stock
Price: $61.00 $85.00
  • Easily adjusted without tools because of unique design.  Simply pull out the knob in the center, turn in the direction you need to adjust and push back in to lock setting.
  • Dual gauges shows pressure applied to beer system (0-60) and contents of Co2 or Blended gas in your cylinder (0-2000).  However, if you keep your cylinder in the cooler - this gauge will read in the red zone, as if it were almost empty, if the contents are straight Co2.  When Co2 is refrigerated it becomes a more liquid state, thereby reducing the vapor pressure.  To have an accurate reading you need the Co2 tank to be room temperature.  Simply allowing the tank to get to room temperature will let you see an accurate reading of the contents in your gas cylinder.  If the contents of the tank are a blended gas of Nitrogen and Co2 the reading will be accurate regardless since the blended gas contains more Nitrogen than Co2.
  • Inlet:  Female threaded inlet connects to a CGA320 valve.
  • Outlet:  5/16" Barb with Shut-Off with Check


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