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Micro Matic

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2-Faucet Air Tower
3" chrome column with 2 faucets. ..
4933SS Stainless Steel Faucet
Stainless Steel Faucets are required for wine systems.  Stainless Steel Faucets benefit yo..
Air Nipple Micro Matic
Air nipple for a micro matic coupler. ..
Angle Adapter
Adapter that angles the tap handle forward so it does not hit the wall. ..
Ball Retainer
Stops the checkball from seating in the coupler and shutting off beer flow on Micro Matic couplers ..
CO2 "Y"
Allows you to split your regulator into 2 air lines 1/4" pipe thread ..
Drip Tray Wall Mount
Single faucet wall-mount drip tray manufactured by MicroMatic.  Perfect for refrigerator con..
Gland (Flare) Nut for Bent 90 Tower Shanks
Not all Bent 90 Tower Shanks need these parts.  These parts are more commonly found in keg..
Inside Flange for Air Towers
This Flange is round on one side to go with the curve of the tower and flat on the other so the..
Lock Nut
The nut that tightens the shank to the tower. ..
S/S Elbow (Air Tower)
The 90 degree stainless steel elbow for a tower shank. ..
Single Faucet Beer Tower
3" chrome column with 1 faucet. ..
Thomas Valve Micro-Matic
The one way check valve for micro-matic couplers. ..
Tower Extender
Makes a single faucet beer tower into a 2 faucet tower with this handy converter. ..
Tower Shanks Assembly
Replacement shank assembly for a 3" column tower. ..