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Nitrogen Regulator Dual Gauge - TapRite

Brand: TapRite
Product Code: 5741PMHPNT
Availability: In Stock
Price: $75.00 $96.00
  • Inlet:  Threaded male fitting designed to connect to a CGA580 valve on your Nitrogen tank.
  • Outlet:  5/16" Barb Shut-off with Check
  • Dual gauges shows pressure applied to beer system (0-160) and contents of gas in your cylinder (0-3000).  
  • Safety Blow-Off 130 +/- 4psi
  • Working Pressure: 0-120psi
  • Bonnett: Zinc, Black

Guinness, Boddingtons, Murphy's and most other stout beers require a 75% Nitrogen / 25% Co2 blended gas.  The only exception is some craft stout beers have been pressurized differently so they can pour on straight Co2.  Always check with the craft brewer on the blend of gas needed to pour their beer correctly.  A tank filled with blended gas does NOT have to have a CGA580 valve.  If your tank has a CGA320 valve we can fill your tank, if you're in Colorado, with the blended gas so you don't have to invest in two different regulators.  If you fill your tank at a welding company they may insist you switch your valve to a CGA580 valve to have the blended gas.  However, if the company that fills your tank insists on it then this is the regulator you need to connect to that valve.

The CGA580 valve IS required for straight Nitrogen.  CGA, Compressed Gas Association, requires the CGA580 valve for the higher pressure in straight Nitrogen.

We only sell what we use to install commercial draft beer systems.  TapRite is the only manufacture we use for regulators.  We have found too many other brands have creeping issues or the adjustment mechanism is either difficult or touchy.  We have never been disappointed with TapRite.

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