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630PC Perlick Faucet

Brand: Perlick
Product Code: 630PC
Availability: In Stock
Price: $41.40
  • ​Constructed of Chrome plated brass.  This faucet has all the awesome features of the 630SS with a more affordable price for draft beer dispensing.
  • Revoluntionary ball and floating o-ring design eliminates the need for a valve shaft.  This allows beer not to be exposed to air so the lever doesn't stick.  It also eliminates mold and bacteria buildup within the faucet.  By eliminating mold and bacteria build-up the faucet can now stay attached to the stank during cleaning.  There is no need to remove the faucet, soak it, and clean with a brush.  
  • Spout angle is more vertical allowing a more thorough draining after each pour.
  • Polished interior creating a smooth flow.  

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