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Edgestar 5 Gallon Craft Brew Kegerator with Ball-Lock connections

Brand: Edgestar
Product Code: KC1000SS
Availability: In Stock
Price: $505.00

Pouring beer at altitude is not the same as pouring beer at sea level.  All Kegerators purchased on-line or in stores are set to pour at sea level.   We assemble the kegerators we sell and make all the necessary adjustments for Denver Altitude.  Features of this unit:

  • The EdgeStar 5 Gallon Craft Brew Kegerator with Ball-lock connections to conveniently dispense home brew kegs. This compact sized kegerator is designed to fit one sixth barrel or one Cornelius keg in addition to a 2.5 lb. C02 tank inside. 
  • The Craft Brew Kegerator comes equipped with all of the necessary components needed to store and dispense a beer keg. Thanks to the internal circulation fan, this kegerator will excel at chilling your beverages to as low as 32°F without freezing them, while helping keep an even temperature within the unit. 
  • The solid stainless steel door combined with the blue LED interior lights and digital thermostat provide a modern and sleek appearance that compliments any room.
  • The ultra-low thermostat maintains temperatures as cold as 32°F without freezing the keg
  • This unit's integrated door lock protects your beverage of choice while also helping to maintain your desired interior temperature

The adjustments that were made to make this unit pour a perfect beer at Denver Altitude are:

1.     Extending the beer line to 6’ to add the proper restriction to set pressure correctly for Denver’s Altitude.  Beer line is EJ Beverage ULTRA Barrier PVC free food grade tubing.

2.     Tower shank replaced with a 1/4  inch bore to complete necessary restriction for Denver’s Altitude.  

3.     Faucet replaced with a Taprite faucet.  The stock faucet is a poorly designed faucet and causes foaming problems because it contains a spring inside.

4.     Plastic clamps replaced with stainless steel clamps.

We stand behind our work.  Although Edgestar warranties the compressor - all Kegerators purchased from Centennial are guaranteed to pour perfectly if the compressor is working correctly.

Assembled and ready for pick-up at our Denver location.  Free delivery in the Denver Metro area through 12/31/2016

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