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Beer Taps

Beer tap is a general term for a keg coupler. Keg couplers come in many different styles depending on their use.

For Co2 systems, the gas line from the primary or secondary regulator connects to the 5/16" tailpiece on the coupler. The beer exits through a tailpiece on top of the coupler through the beverage line to the beer shank and faucet. The beer line and tailpiece is usually 3/16" diameter for residential or direct draw commercial applications. For long draw commercial applications, the tailpiece and line is usually 3/8" diameter.

All keg couplers come with a 5/16" diameter tailpiece on the side of the coupler for the Co2 line to attach and beer thread on the top of the coupler to attach a tailpiece of varying size. The only exception to this is the Perlick Low Profile Coupler that has a 3/16" nipple on the side of the coupler for the beer line opposite a  5/16 nipple for the air line. These couplers are used in specific  applications where a regular coupler will not fit. The low profile coupler is a sankey D type and is three inches shorter than a regular coupler.

All couplers come with an integral pressure relief valve for safety to ensure that the keg is not over pressurized.

Couplers are also available with a 304 stainless steel probe for use with cider or wine. They can also be ordered with different color handles to distinguish between different beers.

For a pump system, or Picnic Pump, there is a hand pump connected to the coupler to provide pressure to get the beer out of the keg.  Let's take a look at the different styles of couplers.

Sankey "D" Keg Coupler

The system "D" fits most American, Canadian, and Mexican beers, such as Abita Brewing, Acme Brewing, Miami Trail Brewing, Alexander Keith, Michael Shea's, Anderson Valley Brewing, Michelob, Bad Frog, Michelob Light,  Bayhawk, Michelob Specialty, Black Dog, Mickey's, Middle Ages, Blue Moon,   Miller, Breckenridge, Miller Genuine Draught, Brooklyn Brewery, Miller Lite, Bruin Pale Ale, Milwaukee's Best, Bud Ice, Modelo, Bud Light, Molsen, Budweiser, Moosehead, Busch, Natural Ice, Carlsburg, Natural Light, Castle Maine, New Amsterdam, Celis, New Zealand Steinlager, Columbia Brewing, North Coast Brewing, Coors, O'Doul's, Coors Light, Old Milwaukee, Corona, Old Vienna, Deschutes Black Butte, Pete's Wicked Ale, Devil Mountain, Porter & Summerfest, Dos Equis,  Portland Brewing Company, Pyramid Ale, Flying Dog, Red Ale, Foster's, Red Dog, Full Sail, Red Hook, Genesee, Red Wolf, Goose Island, Rouge Brewing, Gordon Biersch, Rolling Rock, Grant's, Rouge-Mogal, Sam Adams, Hamm's, Henry Weinhard's, Schmitt's, High Falls, Shiner bock, Shipyard, Hornsby's, Sierra Nevada, Killian's Red, Steinlager, Kirin, Stroh's, Kokanee, Tecate, LaBatt's, Thomas Kemper, Leinenkugel, Little King's, Lost Coast Brewing, Wasatch, Lowenbrau ( US only ),  Weidmer, Mad River Brewing, Weinhard's, Whitbread Ale, Widmer, Wood Chuck, Wyder's, Yuengling, and Zebra.

Sankey European "S" Keg Coupler

The system "S" fits most European beers and ales such as Amstel, Amstel Light, Beck's, Belhaven, Belle-Vue, Bemish, Boddington's, Cantillion Rose ( Belgium ), Delirium Tremens, ( Belgium ), Dortmunder Union, Double Diamond, Hahn, Heineken, John Courage, Lindeman's, Lion Nathan, Lowenbrau ( import ), Maredsous, Abbey Ale ( Belgium ), Marston's Pedigree, McEwens, Moretti, Murphy's Irish Stout, & Red, Pilsner Urquell, Piraat, Scottish & Newcastle, St. Pauli Girl, Stella Artois, Strongbow, Tetley's Toohey's, Tucher, Van Steenberge, and Woodpecker Cider.

Grundy "G" Keg Coupler

The system "G" fits Abbot Ale, Anchor liberty Ale, Anchor Porter, Anchor Steam, Bass Pale Ale, Blackthorne Cider, Bodddington, Caffrey's, Fuller's ESB, Fuller's, London Pride, Grolsch, Old Speckled Hen, Rouge, Scottish Tennents, Sir Perry Williams, Watney's, Young's, Young's Chocolate Stout, Young's Oatmeal Stout, Young's Ram Rod Bitter, Young's Special London Ale, and other English ales and bitters.

Irish "U" Keg Coupler

The system U"U" coupler fits Abbry White, Guiness, Harp, Kilkenny, Leffe, Magners, Smithwick's Ale and other Irish single valve kegs.

German Slider "A" Keg Coupler

The system "A" coupler fits German biers, alts, lagers, and bocks such as, Ayinger, Bitburger, Erdinger, Hefetrub, Weisse, Fischer, Franziskaner, Hefe-Weisse, Hacker-Pschorr Weisse, Hoegaarden White, Isenbeck, Krombacher, Kronenbourg 1664, Paulaner, Spaten, Staropramen, Victoria Bitter, and Warsteiner.

German Slider "M" Keg Coupler

The system "M" for German biers, alts, lagers, and bocks such as Aventinus, Einbecker, Scneider, and Veltins

Hoff Stevens Twin Probe Keg Coupler

The Hoff Stevens keg coupler is for older American beers such as Pabst, Iron City, Ithaca, JW Dundee Honey Brown, McSorley's, Schaffer, Schlitz, and Stroh's. Most or all of these beers have switched their kegs to the Sankey style coupler and the Hoff Stevens couplers have become almost extinct.

Always check with your local beer distributor, or liquor store to be sure what kind of coupler your beer keg uses.