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Glycol Pumps

The glycol pump is one of the most important components in a long draw system.

With out this glycol pump functioning properly your system wont be operating at its optimal performance level .Glycol pumps are made primarily out of brass with some stainless steel internal parts .the glycol pump is fastened to or joined to the out put shaft of a electric motor, which spins the glycol pump to circulate glycol from the power pack to the tower and back, to the cooling bath through designated lines in the trunk for this sole function. This is what maintains a constant temperature in your draft systems trunk line.

By circulating the chilled glycol through the system in this manner without this glycol pump functioning properly the beer in the trunk line can’t maintain a constant temperature and gets warm. The tower will also be warm because the glycol won’t be keeping it cold Causing foamy beer.

There are different size glycol pumps not so much in size but in the volume the pump will put out gallons per hour the sizes very from fifty to typically 100 is what is most common in beer systems. The size varies for the length of the trunk line having the correct size glycol pump is very important for the correct operation of the draft systems.

If the wrong size glycol pump is used it won’t function at maximum performance either because if it circulates to much volume of glycol through the system the chiller bath might not be able to keep the temperature at the correct operating temp for optimal functionality, if it doesn’t put out enough volume the same my occur its very important to keep this balanced. There are a few simple way to check the operation of your glycol pump the easiest is simply touching the tower to feel if the tower is cold another is to actually touch the glycol pump to feel if it is cold this is two quick ways to find out if the glycol pump is functioning correctly. If the pump does not feel cold before going any farther first check the temperature of the power pack bath it might not necessarily be the glycol pump but could be a refrigeration problem. On some cooling units you can visually see inside to see if glycol is returning into the bath it will appear like a small stream if this is the case the glycol pump is operating if you can’t see a return it might be submerged and you may have to reach in to the bath and feel for turbulence in the reservoir to make sure it’s operating. I have seen some units that appear to be working properly but further investigation shows that it isn’t to look a little closer you should shut the power off to the electric motor and glycol pump and separate the glycol pump from the electric motor. In many of my visual inspections I have seen where the pump coupling has actually bored a circular hole in the out put shaft of the electric motor so when the two are coupled together it looks ok but the electric motor at this point is no longer spinning the glycol pump. In this case the electric motor is no longer useable.

I strongly suggest changing both of the components at the same time the electric motor and the glycol pump as a unit because when one goes out it’s usually caused by the other component. This is important to keep your system operating at its peak performance.

 Equally as important is replacing the two components with matching size electric motor and glycol pump not doing this could cause other problems because if the glycol pump isn’t the same size it may over work the power pack because the glycol pump is putting out to much volume and the cooling unit cant keep up with the glycol pumps volume if it’s the other direction the glycol pump may not put out enough volume to keep the draft system cold so in saying that it is essential to match the correct size of equipment being repaired. The revolution per minute the electric motor puts out can also come into play so not to burn out the glycol pump or if the rpms are to low it could keep the unit from operating at its optimal performance to high rpms can also over work the power pack so it is very important to match the exact same motor and glycol pump to keep the draft system operating at its peek performance.