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Beer Towers

Beer towers come in many shapes, sizes and finishes.  The most common style beer tower is the draft arm with one, two or three faucets on them.  They are primarily for forced air or direct draw systems.

For the long draw or glycol draft system the consumer can choose from a wide range of options going from the common "T" tower with up to 6 faucets on them to a bridge beer tower that will have two down columns that anchor to the bar top.  The consumer can also choose a European style from a Cobra design with one to three faucets on them with options of lighted medallions that display what type of beer they are serving.  This tower also comes in a flooded version that ices up the beer tower for an eye catching display that enhances the sale of draft beer.

There are also beer towers that mount under the bar top called space savers that can be made with 3 to 16 faucets on them that save a seat at the bar so the bartender can interact with their customers.  This type of tower is made so they fit in with the under bar equipment and look as though they are part of the bar equipment for a continuous flow.

There is also a high end line of ceramic and mushroom beer towers that can blend into almost any bar decor with an elegant look.  They are available with one to four faucets on the roma or ceramic beer tower or up to six faucets on the mushroom or Gambrinus tower.  The top of the beer tower is crowned with a brass replica of King Gambrinus the patron saint of draft beer. For the Irish pub lover they offer a cottin box with six to twelve draft beers on tap available for glycol or forced air systems.

For a more modern look we have the winged illuminated tower line with the medallions to show what products are being dispensed.  If you are looking for more beer faucets the winged bridge tower has eight, ten or twelve faucets available with the lighted medallions with this sleek looking beer tower. For a sleek and slender look the Lucky dispensing beer towers are available in one, two and three faucet designs for a sharp look.

The Lucky, Panther or Cobra towers require a platform drip tray that you can order with or without a built in sprayer.  The sprayer is used to cleanse the glass before pouring the draft beer into it.  Cleansing cleans and pre-chills the glass before pouring.

If you are looking for European styles the Torino or Napoli beer towers are for you.  The Napoli is a dual faucet with a sleek European style that is available in polished chrome or gold tone finish.  The Torino beer towers have a full ceramic body with gold detailing.  Gold toned towers offer one, two and three faucets while the beam style (similar to a "T" tower) offers three to seven faucets of draft beer.

Cleaning your beer tower

The beer tower along with the entire beer system should be cleaned on a regular basis.  The beer providers will usually provide this service to the bar owners at no charge but it is good to know your local liquor laws.  If the beer tower is located at your house, we provide beer cleaning kits that are easy to use and you can purchase them on-line.

Trouble-shooting your beer tower

The most common causes of foamy beer are usually either temperature or pressure.  If you are a bar owner and are experiencing problems with your draft beer you should call your beer providers and they will direct you to the proper person.    If the beer tower is located at your house, try the following steps:

  1. Is the keg of beer in a cold environment?  Whether you are using a picnic pump or a commercial model kegerator - the keg of beer has to be cold.  Is the keg has had sufficient time to chill down in its environment go to the next step.
  2. The pressure set on the regulator is the applied pressure going into the keg.  There are several factors in determining the correct pressure for your environment and beer.  A basic example and rule of thumb is multiply 3 by the length of your beer line for most domestic beers in a single keg environment.
  3. If the first two steps do not resolve your issue, the next step is to inspect the equipment.  Beer is very sensitive and can't experience any type of turbulence through the beer dispensing equipment.  If you live in Colorado, please contact us to bring your equipment to us to inspect or setup a time for us to come to you to inspect.  If you are outside Colorado, please contact us to discuss your equipment and we will try to help resolve your issue over the phone or through email.